Madame Polare Atelier (MPA) is an art direction & design agency based in Paris founded by Giacomo Troncon, architect & designer and Pauline Baert, designer & photographer. Since 2013, we thrive on solving complex problems for clients through simplicity, innovation, and visual power.

What sets us apart from other design firms is work driven by independent, non-traditional thinking and multidisciplinary expertise.

Art Direction

We create impactful brand identities and all encompassing communications that service companies big and small. We make work that feels good and effortless by putting freedom and curiosity at the core of our studio.

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Global Design

As your design partners, we understand what it takes to transform ideas into products and products into businesses. For years, we’ve helped launch diverse projects, taking the time to guide our clients through the process even after the design has been finalized.


We’re dedicated to 3D, animation, illustration and typography. Our strengths include character design, installations, patterns and icons.



We work with cultural world (luxury, fashion, art, music...), with independent projects, with small companies and multi-national brands.
We listen, we think, we design, we write, we style and direct, we produce, and most importantly, we deliver.


We produce aesthetically beautiful and commercially saleable images, through creative styling and awesome products, food and drink photography.



We create ads, commercial videos, TVC, branded content, music of any scale or budget.

We have worked for

Alexandre Chocolatier (Switzerland)
Art & Lumière
BHR Hotels
Bail Art
Beurk Magazine
Bourgogne Tribal Show
Bruno Brette Luthier
Capannina Beach Jesolo Lido (Italy)
Chocolaterie Servant
Comune di Treviso (Italy)
Cosmetique Payot Paris
Deserve Mi
Ducati Motors
Feltre Jazz 2015
Festival Jazz d’Aubervilliers

Fondation Louis Vuitton
Fondation Ricard
Foucade Paris
Galerie Joseph Paris
Gayté Lyrique
Gus Adler & Filles
Institut International de Cancérologie de Paris
Julien des Monstiers
laRinascente Milano
Mairie d’Aubervilliers
Mairie de Villemur-sur-Tarn
Maison Toussaint
Ministère de la Culture

Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac
Persol Sunglasses
Planète Publique
Planète Citoyenne
Regione Veneto (Italy)
Roberto Gobbo Architetti (Italy)
San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Fair
Scout Shop (Italy)
Solar Music Paris
Sushi Shop
The Coach Challenge
Value for Good GmbH
Venice Biennale of Art and Architecture
WRA Architectes
Zoogami Beer